MANHATTAN (MARCH 18, 2011) The creators of Comedy Central’s long-running animated hit “South Park,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone (right), discuss their new Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon.” (Jennifer S. Altman)

Or, as Marks queried rhetorically in his review, of Matt Stone and Trey Parker: Where you have been all my life?

The “South Park” duo sat with Marks last month in Manhattan shortly before the show’s opening, for the article that appears in Sunday’s Arts section. Marks writes in his illuminating piece about the pair:

The verdict, of course, is now in: The rhapsodic reviews for “Mormon” undoubtedly mean a long and prosperous life for their unbridled satire of organized religion. But still: Hearing these two talk so respectfully about Broadway is like the kid in class covered in tattoos and piercings whom you discover owns a stamp collection.

“I grew up loving musicals,” Parker confided.

“I get now why people get into this,” Stone added.

As “The Book of Mormon” (co-created with Robert “Avenue Q” Lopez) garners reviews that “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” currently can only dream of, Marks renders an intriguing picture of how the Colorado-sprung Parker and Stone are responding to a whole new type of craft and embracing the Great White Way.

To read Marks’s feature, you can click right here — and to check out his review of “Book of Mormon,” you can click right here.

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