Gotta give it to the artists at Taiwan-based Next Media Animation: They have one heck of a transition game.

Within hours, NMAtv has turned around its cartoon version of the ugly Georgetown-in-China “basketbrawl” incident that played out Thursday on an international stage.

The Hoyas, of course, were on a goodwill tour abroad this week when their exhibition game with the Bayi Rockets escalated into a fists-and-chairs-a-flyin’ melee. (A day later, members of the Georgetown and Bayi squads were meeting to clear the air .)

NMA has re-created the incident in punched-up pixels, complete with riotous pandas in scenes that play like an over-the-top mix of “Kung Fu Panda,” “Hoosiers,” “Nacho Libre” and the white-belt movie extras from “Enter the Dragon.”

“Georgetown University is known for producing diplomats,” say the subtitles. “But yesterday its basketball team was involved in a diplomatic incident, when a game in China ended in a brawl.”

The clip itself escalates until even visiting veep Joe Biden is dodging the fallout.

The game’s whistle-happy zebras may have been in Bayi’s corner, but there’s little doubt here whom Next Media Animation sides with: