One of GoAnimate's brand-new political backdrops for user-created videos. (GoAnimate)

YOU WANT TO satirize the season’s politicians, but you can’t draw a lick beyond a stick figure?

You want to lampoon a White House line or Herman Cain’s 9-9-9, but can’t caricature a character if your joke depended on it?

Gary Lipkowitz feels your artistic pain. That desire to tell a visual story helped propel the executive to join the San Francisco-based company GoAnimate this past summer — and that goal to provide “a fun mode of expression for the masses” is why he’s excited about his company’s latest announcement.

Beginning 9 a.m. Monday, GoAnimate will launch a new aspect of its site: Users will be able to create videos featuring the season’s political candidates.

GoAnimate’s Comedy Central avatar. (GoAnimate)

“With political cartoons, a picture paints a thousand words,” Lipkowitz, vice president of corporate development, tells Comic Riffs. “And if you use those thousand words well, you get a very powerful image.”

GoAnimate says it is launching the new Flash-based tools in time for Tuesday’s GOP debate on CNN. Other characters include not only such pols as Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul and Paul Ryan, but also on-air figures who may bear conspicuously strong resemblances to celebrities like Jon Stewart. The background settings include a talk-show set, a debate, a White House situation room, a TV news desk and a pub.

You can create your videos at GoAnimate’s election page and post the links here — either in the Comments field or email:

The animation-generation videos allow you to record voices, or you can type text-to-speech banter. (GoAnimate notes, too, that it auto-moderates salty language and that its community flags offensive videos.)

Below are two samples with extremely lame dialogue. Comic Riffs is confident you can do far, far better:

[CLICK THROUGH BELOW TO CONTINUE READING] the daily shobama by beta+9

. herman’s godfather gig by beta+9


GoAnimate launched its site for user creations in 2008, but Lipkowitz says users have increasingly wanted political characters. GoAnimate plans to grow its political offerings throughout the primaries and general election.

“On the creative side, for me this is about writing and voice,” he tells Comic Riffs. “This takes care of all the visual outlets — you’ve got a studio, you can create a scene and you can go live with it very quickly.

“As a user, that fascinates me.”


GoAnimate provides the animated debate backdrop; you provide your choice of squabbling candidates. (GoAnimate)