For spoofing the making and marketing of The Superhero Summer Film, the cheekiest new video comes courtesy of a green Onion.

As the parade of mondo comics-sprung movies continues with tonight’s launch of “Green Lantern,” the Onion News Network mocks the lockstep precision of the process — right down to the whipping up of fanboy fervor.

The clip kicks off its comic tone with the headline: “Green Lantern” to Fulfill America’s Wish to See Lantern-Based Characters On Big Screen.” The Onion’s “Star Fix” not only tweaks the degree to which the Green Lantern is a lesser-known character to the moviegoing masses, but also — as always — parodies the vapidity of an entertainment show’s drive-by coverage.

Who makes for better fodder: Blake Lively or the knee-jerk nerd? Roll clip: