The ring chose Hal Jordan — and Hal Jordan chose WonderCon.

DC unveiled extended scenes from “Green Lantern” this weekend at the San Francisco comic-con, as stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively appeared on the panel with DC honcho Geoff Johns. And the four minutes of footage newly released to the wider world may provide fans with some measure of relief, if not hope.

The trailer released late last year played largely like some bizarrely verdant rom-com — as if Hal Jordan had been dropped into the middle of “The Proposal,” more glib banter than green lantern.

Sinestro! Tomar-Re! Ao and Abin Sur! Now, perhaps listening to fan-critics, Warner Bros. and director Martin Campbell emphasize the deep-space action of the founding JLA member. (And Reynolds reportedly noted, btw, that he hasn’t yet been approached for a Justice League film.)

In this Summer of Marvel, DC has a lot riding on the Green Lantern’s broad shoulders and glowing ocular cavities. And in terms of geek PR, this weekend at WonderCon might have yielded “Green Lantern’s” brightest day yet.

Here is the four-minute clip of newly unveiled selected scenes: