LAST WEEK, Comic Riffs reported that DC co-Publisher Dan DiDio suggested during London’s Kapow! comics convention that a “major” DC character would be coming out on the upcoming pages of the superhero’s books, becoming “one of our most prominent gay characters.” Now, in the immediate wake of Marvel announcing that its first gay superhero (Northstar) is getting hitched, DC has countered with its confirmation:

The original Green Lantern?

Yep, he’s gay.

Fire-powered ex-railroad engineer Alan Scott will officially come out in next week’s “Earth 2,” DC announced today. And in some ways, there are echoes of last year’s excellent Mike Mills film “Beginners,” in which Christopher Plummer — in an Oscar-winning turn — plays a man who comes out in his 70s after decades of having a wife and raising a child.

Alan Scott, similarly, is in his 70s as a DC creation — he debuted in 1940 as a married papa of two. (The co-founding member of JSA would be mothballed amid flagging postwar sales — but has found new, parallel-universe life in DC’s era of New 52.)

“Alan's sexuality is just one facet of him, along with his innate goodness, valor, charisma and skill at leadership that makes him the perfect man to wield the power of the green light in the world of Earth 2,” says series writer James Robinson as part of DC’s announcement.

The “reveal” will be rendered visually with a boyfriend’s welcome-home kiss and the line: “...God, I’ve missed you.”

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BRIGHTEST DAY: From the second issue of DC's "Earth 2" series featuring Alan Scott: The original Green Lantern character will be revealed to be gay in next week's issue. (DC ENTERTAINMENT via AP)

Robinson — who introduced a gay superhero in the ‘90s series Starman — notes that this creative choice meant rewriting all record of a younger Alan Scott's spawn — including his gay superhero son Obsidian.

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In commercial terms, the industry will be watching closely to see whether DC or Marvel’s recent announcements and editorial decisions regarding gay superheroes help spike sales.

Hal Jordan, of course, is the modern-day Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds played the straight test pilot-turned-Emerald-superhero in last year’s film that fizzled at the box office), but Scott is the only power-ringed Green Lantern in “Earth 2.”

Alan Scott’s Green Lantern was created by the great Bill Finger and artist Martin Nodell for All-American Comics, debuting in July 1940. The “Earth 2” Alan Scott is drawn by Nicola Scott.

Now, given recent same-sex marriages in mainstream comics, how long, perhaps, till Alan Scott says: “With this power-ring, I thee wed”?


The new and younger Alan Scott will come out as gay in next week’s “Earth 2.” (courtesy of DC Comics / 2012 )