(NATE BEELER/Washington Examiner)

Perhaps the Washington Examiner’s Nate Beeler best captured the D.C. mood toward weather and warnings over the weekend. First the temblor, then the torrential downpour...what beast of natural (or supernatural) menace could be next?

Besides Beeler’s artwork, Hurricane Irene also blew in cartoons from the Green Bay Press Gazette’s Joe Heller, Israel Today’s Shlomo Cohen and the Press of Atlantic City’s Rob Tornoe.

Over at The New Yorker, Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff offered up a historic roundup of mostly timeless hurricane cartoons.

And then, naturally, was Taiwan-based Next Media Animation, which managed to mock our hype, the hype of our hype, our anxiety — and Mayor Bloomberg’s “hype” and “anxiety.” To wit: