. (George Perez & Jesus Merino/DC COMICS)

Come September, in numerous DC comics, the Man of Steel’s Speedo-style shortpants will turn blue.

This likely won’t stir the sort of high-pitched hubbub that surrounded the recent revamping of Wonder Woman as a Wet Seal shopper fond of shoulder pads and leggings, but many comics fans will surely mull Supes’s new suit.

The bigger debate, of course, is not simply saying buh-bye to the red trunks, which Superman has worn as dependably as a hair part since World War II. Rather, it’s whether flipping the odometer on history and renumbering so many titles at No.-1 will smell like profound inspiration, or reek of stunting effrontery.

The look for Superman #1 was unveiled today on DC’s Source blog, which also rolled out images for Action Comics #1 (that superstar Scot, Grant Morrison, will join forces with artist Rags Morales), Supergirl #1 and Superboy #1.

Superman #1 will be written by George Perez and drawn by the hand of Jesus Merino.

DC Comics has unfurled its Great No.-1 Rollout for two weeks now, maximizing the promotional power of a staggered attack.

As for the images we’ve seen so far, be the pants red or blue:

Color us interested.

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