Marvel announces that Steve Rogers will return as Captain America. (Steve McNiven / /Marvel Entertainment)

We could have predicted it, but then again, it’s like March Madness: Predicting a Butler win and believing it’s actually going to happen — going to materialize before our eyes — are two very different things.

The same holds true for the nick-of-time return of Steve Rogers.

Yes, the original Cap is back — or will be back come July, Marvel announced today, in time for July’s big-screen release of “Captain America: The First Avenger,” featuring Chris Evans as...yes, the super-serummed Steve Rogers.

Ol’ Cap is our Image of the Day precisely because seeing is believing — nearly four years after seeing was bereaving, as Steve Rogers was shot down on the courthouse steps and ”presumed dead”(both a loaded and, yes, occasionally laughable term in comics land). We later learned he was only ”lost in time.”

Buh-bye, Bucky. Steve will pick up the shield for new series ”Captain America No.1,” Marvel promises.

Series writer Ed Brubaker praised the move to bring artist Steve McNiven (“Civil War,” ”New Avengers”) onto the book, saying: “Steve is at the top of his game, and no one draws action like him.”

So welcome, Steve McNiven. And welcome back, Steve Rogers.