A Schwarzenegger "love child" cartoon from the archives. (Cam Cardow/Ottawa Citizen)

Ottawa Citizen cartoonist Cam Cardow apparently beat all his colleagues to the satiric punch with his Arnold Schwarzenegger cartoon.

Cardow rendered judgment by having a woman come forth to claim that the bodybuilder-turned-action-star had sired her child.

The catch: Cardow drew the “love child” cartoon in 2003 — amid the Governator-to-be’s groping scandal.

So says Daryl Cagle, who carries Cardow’s work on his political cartoon site Cagle.com.

Cardow’s cartoon may have been meant as sex-scandal hyperbole, but Schwarzenegger admitted Tuesday that at least a decade ago — prior to becoming California governor — he fathered a child with a longtime member of his household staff, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“At the time, I was just taking the sexual allegations to a ridiculous conclusion, or so I thought at the time,” Cardow tells Comic Riffs.

Schwarzenegger left office early this year, and he and former first lady Maria Shriver recently announced their split. Gossip sites fueled speculation that the employee was a 50-year-old housekeeper and that the “love child” is now a teenager.

Says Cardow: ““I guess when someone draws as many cartoons as I have, they get to be accurate at least once in their life.”

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