“Lesson Number One: Heroes...there is no such thing.” Intoned with menace by Ben Kingsley’s new villain the Mandarin — with so much basso gravitas, he could be quoting the governing bodies of cycling this week on Lance Armstrong -- those words resonate in the new “Iron Man 3” trailer that dropped with the blinding speed of Felix Baumgartner on Tuesday morning.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man in “The Avengers.” (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

This isn’t Iron Man reclining in a donut sign in the morning, quippy and cocky, or zinging one-liners at Thor or Loki. This is “LiveStrong” Iron Man, losing it all, rising from the snow-whipped bottom precipice of life.

The hotly anticipated “Iron Man 3” is due out May 2013 — about one year after Iron Man helped “The Avengers” become one of the biggest films ever, grossing more than $1.5 billion. Let the marketing push begin. Apparently, it’s deadly serious.