A “Peanuts” pumpkin patch — or the set of “Jersey Shore”?. ( Lee Mendelson / WARNER BROS.)

It’s the Great Snooki, Charlie Brown.

It was an eclectic and odd night of prime-time animation Thursday night. And that is excepting the World Series Game 6 that unfurled so many surreal comebacks in the late innings, the Redbirds made more improbably narrow escapes than a Tweetybird cartoon.

At one end of the nostalgia spectrum, ABC served the annual airing of ”It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” the warm-and-fuzzy classic whose appeal can be reduced to a hard-luck catchphrase: “I got a rock.”

Update: The Emmy-nominated “Peanuts” show drew nearly 7.5-million viewers, according to overnight numbers — 45 years to the day after roughly half the TV sets in the nation first tuned in to see Charlie Brown trick-or-treat and Linus patiently place his faith in the coming of the Great Pumpkin.

Ninety minutes later, from the other end of that spectrum, MTV trotted out the much-anticipated return of Beavis and Butt-Head , Mike Judge’s perpetually arrested adolescents who left the weekly schedule nearly 15 years ago — back before the “music video” was frozen in amber like a carbon-dated relic of a pre-”Family Guy” era.

Still, their reducible ethos remains: “I got to mock.”

Comfortably, Beavis and Butt-Head have not aged a day in wisdom or humor. Only now, through the fog of their sometimes self-aware stupidity, they snark at such MTV reality fare as “Jersey Shore” and “16 and Pregnant.”

Meaning that unlike Linus, the most orange force of nature that the B&B boys patiently await is now ... Snooki.

(Update: MTV reports that the 10 p.m. return of “B&B” clocked 3.3-million viewers, and that two-thirds of its audience was made up of — shocker — dudes.)

As both shows trended on Twitter and elsewhere, the quirky night of cartoons was sure to spark some outlet of expression. (Yes, even more bent that John Carpenter’s new FunnyOrDie.com video, “Charlie Brown: Blockhead’s Revenge.”) And perhaps the most humorous was the trend: #RejectedPeanutsSpecials.

Naturally, then, came the popular tweet: “It’s the Great Snooki, Charlie Brown.”

Update: And then, as if to underscore the trend’s true virality, the Celebrities Cometh, tweeting and RT’ing the Charlie Brown hashtags. "Lost” creative DamonLindelof, for one, tweeted: “I Pull The Football Away Because My Parents Love My Brother More Than Me, Charlie Brown

Here are 10 of Comic Riffs’ Favorite Retitled “Peanuts” Tweets (feel free to share your own via Comments or Twitter: @ComicRiffs):



10. “You're a horcrux, Charlie Brown” (via @ Lord_Voldemort7 )

9. "MaybeIt'stheJamesonTalkingbutThisIstheBestSt. Patrick'sDayEver, CharlieBrown" (via @ fmarciuliano )

8. “YouarenottheFatherCharlieBrown” (@ paulandstorm and many others)

7. “IKnowWhatYouDidLastSummer, CharlieBrown” (@ muskrat_john )

6. “LifeIsFutileAndThenYouDie, CharlieBrown” (@ reduced [Reduced Shakespeare])

5. “HolidaySpecialsarenolongerallowedCharlieBrown!” (@ TexPunchem )

4. “OccupyWallStreet, CharlieBrown” (@ CoreyPung)

3. “YourTeacherIsARustyTrumbone, CharlieBrown” (@ mikeycordella)

2. “TheGreatPumpkinSaidBehold, BringYouCandy!!AndThat'sWhatHalloweenIsAllAbout, CharlieBrown” (@ Dianne93101 )

And of course...

1. "YouWillNeverBeAMeme, CharlieBrown!" (@Nintendo_Legend )


YOUR TAKE: #RejectedPeanutsSpecials

Tweet Charlie Brown met his meme last night when Twitter users rallied around the hashtag #RejectedPeanutsSpecials. Send us your titles for #RejectedPeanutsSpecials on Twitter and we’ll post some responses right here.


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