One of the most popular online humorists on the planet will be chatting live this afternoon with Post readers.

(MATTHEW INMAN/The Oatmeal )

Or as the e-literature says: “While he's answering questions, he'll draw your suggested comic on camera for you to see in real time. In other words, submit a clever idea and get your own personalized Oatmeal comic. Seriously.”

If you’re not familar with Inman’s work, well, we’re sorry you’ve missed out on some comic classics (everything from satirizing Facebook and mocking cat owners to making the rules of grammar very, very funny). But you can read THIS for a quick crash-course — or even if you’re just a fan already.

You can submit your questions and drawing suggestions now on the chat page, too.

And somehow, we trust, ironic lists of witty and wicked observation will come into play.

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