Ronald Reagan’s jelly-bean jar. Bill Clinton’s fast-food McHabit. Even Jimmy Carter’s peanuts.

Sometimes, with some politicians, the cartooning gods smile a little broader. And little makes for a more pliable, reliable comic metaphor than common foodstuffs.

Enter Herman Cain.

In his relatively short time playing the political mainstage, the Southern businessman has already given us so much. The GOP presidential contender has both a surname (hello, “Citizen Cain”) and a nickname (“the Herminator”) ready for his cinematic close-up. Then there’s his easy-to-grab-onto “9-9-9” — which sits up like a political pinata not only for his rivals (such as at Tuesday’s night Republican debate), but also for cartoonists who traffic in ready, recognizable handles.

But little is as quite as irresistible and universal, really, as a good food gag. And cartoonists are drawn to pizza like college students are drawn to beer — and then, well, pizza.

In other words: Cain, as the former head of Godfather’s Pizza, has served up his resume to satirists, piping hot.

Now, will be the metaphor get stale and moldy pretty quick? Certainly, if Cain sticks around long enough. But till then, the cartoonists will use it while they can.

Besides, even in satire: There are worse things than cold pizza.

Here are 9 Herman Cain Cartoons that make the pie higher:



(NICK ANDERSON / Houston Chronicle / WPWG)


(NATE BEELER / Washington Examiner)

(JEFF KOTERBA / Omaha World Herald)

(MICHAEL RAMIREZ / Investors Business Daily)



(JACK OHMAN / The Oregonian, Portland)

(JOHN SHERFFIUS / Boulder (Colo.) Camera /

(JEFF PARKER / Florida Today / Cagle Cartoons)

(JOHN COLE / Scranton (Pa.) Times Tribune / Cagle Cartoons)

(TAYLOR JONES / courtesy of Cagle Cartoons)

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