SO SUPERMAN’S inner torment is all Kevin Costner’s fault?

The new trailer for next June’s “Man of Steel” has just landed, and it’s compelling in all the signature Christopher Nolan-franchise ways. (The Batman director still Obi-Wans his way over this Warner Bros./DC superhero franchise as producer, of course, even though Zack Snyder directs Supes now.)


As the trailer cuts between dramatic Man of Action and self-doubting Man of Inner Conflict, it’s the words of Earth-daddy Jonathan Kent (Costner) that haunt Clark like some disembodied “Field of Dreams” refrain: “You have to keep this side of yourself a secret,” Kent/Costner tells his boy (after an apparent school-bus water rescue), in a rasp worthy of his hit “Hatfields & McCoys.” Thus, the Young Moral Struggle is successfully, succinctly planted.

We also get Diane Lane’s Ma Kent with her own advice to Clark, as the trailer — between close-ups of school supplies — is positively awash in waterlogged metaphors.

So based on a mere two minutes or so:

Does Henry Cavill seem to slip into the cinematic suit easily? Check.

Do we get a quick glimpse of Russell Crowe as Jor-El? Check.

Will Amy Adams make a strong, Clark-motivating Lois? Check.

And do see Michael Shannon’s General Zod. Natch!

The trailer also hits us over the head with Snyder’s choice geek credits (“Watchmen” and “300”) and the “Dark Knight” stamp of Nolan.

Now, amid even the trailer’s high-volume building crescendo, we could get Costner’s effectively quiet rasp of wisdom out of our ears.