MIKE LESTER clearly recalls his meeting with Editorial Director Alan Shearer upon being signed by the Washington Post Writers Group.

“After stammering for a few minutes about what I thought ‘Mike’ should be,” Lester tells Comic Riffs, “he looked at me, paused and said, ‘Just be funny.’

“That I can do.”

Lester debuted his daily gag strip “Mike du Jour” on Monday on The Post’s comics pages in Style. The syndicate is confident that readers will appreciate the same qualities that prompted it to sign the Atlanta-bred cartoonist.

“What makes ‘Mike du Jour’ unique is that it doesn’t rely only on character-driven humor or on situational humor or on plays on words or slapstick,” comics Editor Amy Lago says. “[Lester] is proficient at all these forms.”

To read my longer Post piece on Lester and his strip’s debut, you can CLICK HERE.

All your feedback on “Mike du Jour” is, of course, welcome.


A sample from Mike Lester’s new syndicated strip, "Mike du Jour." (Mike Lester / WPWG)


. (Mike Lester/Washington Post Writers Group Syndicate)