“With a great book, comes great responsibility!”

So says Italian artist Sara Pichelli about inheriting one of the most talked-about characters of the year: the recently unveiled Ultimate Spider-Man.

“Can you believe that even the Italian news talked about Miles?” Pichelli says today in an engaging interview over at iFanboy, discussing the hubbub sparked by Marvel’s debut of biracial webslinger Miles Morales in the wake of Peter Parker’s Ultimate demise.

Perhaps most interesting for any true student of visual art is Pichelli’s discussion of anatomy and aerodynamics — and how to get the reader’s eye to believe the physics of the thing.

“It’s hard to sell well the body flexibility and dynamism without running the risk of making the hero look like a rubber puppet!” the talented Pichelli tells iFanboy’s Ron Richards.

To see how Pichelli renders an arachnid-bitten boy in action, we get to see Pichelli in action, digital stylus in hand, working on a Cintiq 12wx. This excellent four-minute-plus clip is our Comic Video of the Day — and Comic Riffs recommends hanging on past the 4:15 mark, when Pichelli delivers an especially swell twist:

MILES MORALES & ME: Why the new biracial Spider-Man matters