Bluewater wants to see whether a Mitt Romney comic can challenge its biggest Nook/Kinda tablet seller: Selena Gomez. (2012 Bluewater Productions)

MITT ROMNEY’S TIME is now. So believes Bluewater Productions, which has just released a comic book profiling the GOP candidate fresh off his virtual tie in Iowa.

“Political Power: Mitt Romney” is newly available as a digital comic for Nook and Kindle, weeks ahead of its print release — the bio-comic will hit shops and shelves at month’s end.

“On the Nook and Kindle, Selena Gomez is our top seller,” Bluewater President Darren Davis tells Comic Riffs. “We wanted to do this advanced digital release to find out if Romney has what it takes to beat the princess of pop.” 

As the election spotlight turns to New Hampshire, Bluewater is confident that plenty of comic-reading voters are curious about the former Massachusetts guv.

“Mitt Romney has been in the national spotlight since the last election presidential election — we feel that people want to learn more about the man,” Davis tells us. “The comic book is a fun tool know about him, as well as be part of political memorabilia.”

Bluewater also has released advanced digital version of its books “Political Power: Michele Bachmann” (as she exits the race) and “Political Power: Tea Party.” And due out in February, Davis says, are comics about two other GOP candidates: Ron Paul and Rick Perry.

As for the surging Rick Santorum, apparently his Iowa rise took Bluewater by surprise.

“We are still figuring out our next move, and we do have our eye on Rick Santorum,” Davis tells ‘Riffs. “We had a great time doing these for the last election, and this time we are not going to miss a beat.”



The Ron Paul book will hope to ride the GOP candidate’s recent strong showing. (2012 Bluewater Productions/.)