WE’VE HEARD ALAN MOORE talk about the Occupy movement, and we’ve heard Moore talk about the vitriol that fellow comics legend Frank Miller talks about having for the Occupy movement. But what UK’s Channel 4 News delivers fresh in this new video is Moore’s meeting some of the very men and women who, as a symbol of protest, wear his ”V for Vendetta” mask.

Talk about your own creation staring back at you, in true flesh-and-painted-plastic life.

Channel 4 News says it brought Moore from his Northampton lair to an Occupy London camp. And on the video, the comics icon and self-described anarchist can be heard telling those who have donned his Guy Fawkes mask:”I think this is the best-organized and most forward-thinking protest that I have ever had [the] experience of.”

David Lloyd, Moore’s co-creator of “V for Vendetta,” has spoken positively of the Occupy movement, too, recently telling Comic Riffs: “I must say, the mass protests against the titanic unfairness of the way things are these days reminds me very much of [Paddy Chayevsky’s 1976 satire] ‘Network,’ that movie where the disillusioned newsman cries out: ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ — and causes a ripple that spreads out into the whole city.

“This time it’s across the globe.”

As for Moore’s tour of the front lines, what elevates this above traditional news footage, for us, are the comic-book effects. It’s just beautiful watching the “Watchmen” writer depicted as a colorful character speaking from the page about 15 seconds in (and intermittently during the last 90 seconds) — still too larger-than-life to be confined to a single panel.

The last time we saw this general effect so winningly done, in fact, was when Anthony Bourdain caught up with Harvey Pekar for the chef’s food/travel show a few years back, and Pekar’s Cleveland was rendered in crisp black-and-white.

Then again, with Moore’s vocal support of the Pekar Library Statue Project late last year, it just seems like a natural twinning in our memory.



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