FOR THOSE OF US who live in the Washington area, they aren’t simply the latest devastating statistic, part of another tragic tally. They are our friends and neighbors.

Michael Arnold, 59 … Martin Bodrog, 54 ... Arthur Daniels, 51 …Sylvia Frasier, 53 …

These are people who had built meaningful lives — had become confidantes and spouses, colleagues and caregivers and parents. They were part of the region’s social fabric that has again been torn by violence.

Kathleen Gaarde, 62 …John Roger Johnson, 73 … Mary Francis Knight, 51 ... Frank Kohler, 50 ...

“Loving son.” “Delightful neighbor.” “A very loving, caring, gentle person.” “The kindest lady in the world.” The grieving and the hurting managed to summon words to honor the fallen.

Vishnu Pandit, 61 … Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46 ... Gerald L. Read, 58 ... Richard Michael Ridgell, 52 ...

At least 13 people are dead after Monday morning’s shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard. According to The Post, 12 victims have been identified; all were older than 45, and all leave behind generations of loved ones, some who say they are grasping to make sense of the senseless. Struggling to find something to hold on to.

“All he did was go to work,” said one of those loved ones. “That was his only crime.”

To cope, we talk about them; to pay tribute, we tell stories about what made them special to us. We share, because bonding is one way we try to heal the gaping hole.

And we remember the victims — these achingly once-vital lives — so they are not forgotten.

Here is our updating “Remembering the Victims” page. And here (below) is how several editorial artists are responding to the loss and the violence:



. (STEVE BREEN /U-T San Diego )


. (BOB ENGLEHART /Hartford Courant )


. (JIMMY MARGULIES/Cagle Cartoons)


. (NICK ANDERSON/Houston Chronicle )


. (MIKE LUCKOVICH/Atlanta Journal Constitution )

AND NOTABLY, this work — by cartoonist David Fitzsimmons — was published on the Arizona Daily Star’s site time-stamped one day before the Navy Yard rampage:


. (DAVID FITZSIMMONS/Arizona Daily Star )