AT A SOWETO STADIUM and around the world, mourners paid their respects Tuesday to that transformative South African leader, Nelson Mandela.

Since Mandela’s death Thursday at age 95, many have tried to find the right and inspiring words to honor the great man’s achievements and legacy. Often, it has seemed, the best and wisest words are Mandela’s own.

From the United States to South Africa, editorial cartoonists have saluted Mandela’s memory throug word and picture. Some depicted Mandela's global importance, and the long shadow his absence leaves. Some reflected on his power to unify. And one — South Africa’s Jonathan “Zapiro” Shapiro — looked beyond the man himself to related issues in his nation.

Here, on the day of his memorial, are Six Eye-Catching Nelson Mandela Cartoons:


. (DARRIN BELL/"Candorville" / WPWG)


. (MIKE LUCKOVICH /Atlanta Journal Constitution )

. (BRIAN ADCOCK /courtesy of )

. (DAVID HORSEY /Los Angeles Times )

. (ZAPIRO/courtesy of

. (PATRICK OLIPHANT /Universal Uclick )