FROM SMALL, FOUR-LEGGED chairs to towering, two-legged muppets, the presidential convention and debate season has already yielded rich and ready visual metaphors for the nation’s cartoonists.

As Big Bird’s star rises on the national political stage (is he left-wing or right-wing, anyway?), the Obama camp even tried to mine the “Sesame Street” character for campaign-ad skewering of Romney before the commercial got clipped.

Now, with Biden and Ryan getting ready to “rummmble” on Thursday, here are Comic Riffs’ official Seven Most Eye-Catching Cartoons and Illustrations from the debate season so far:



. (JIMMY MARGULIES / The Record (N.J.) /.)

. (MATT DAVIES / Tribune Media Services/.)

. (MIKE LUCKOVICH / Atlanta Journal Constitution /.)


. (NICK ANDERSON / Houston Chronicle & WPWG /.)

. (STEVE KELLEY / Creators /.)

. (CHRISTOPHER WEYANT / The Hill / courtesy of Cagle Cartoons/.)


. (BARRY BLITT / The New Yorker /.)