The trains! The toys! The 370 Hawaiian shirts!

As “Cars 2” motors toward $300-million in global box office, Disney/Pixar has spooled up an illuminating take on honcho John Lasseter.

The full 25-minute mini-doc, titled “A Day in a Life,” follows Lasseter through his day — from playroom to screening room — during the production of “Cars 2.”

In subtle ways, this may be the most revealing peek yet at Lasseter’s managerial style and creative approach, as he dispenses morning hugs and fosters bonhomie and “cheerleads” for the film, all while running through a parade of directorial decisions big and small. Although the camera is of course running, the demi-doc isn’t entirely sanitized — the tale often lies especially in the telling minor detail.

And everywhere, it seems, is the world-class talent — artists practicing their magic behind every studio door

Roll film:

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