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BORS v. McCOY: the Tweet Debate

MATT BORS LANDS his satiric blows from the left, and Glenn McCoy delivers the humorous roundhouse from the right. But today, the two political cartoonists can agree on one bipartisan matter:

They have no idea what to expect from their mano-a-mano Twitter debate this afternoon.

At 2:30 p.m. ET, Universal Uclick/ will host its first ”tweet debate.” The Twitter hashtag will be #GCDebateLive.

. (GLENN McCOY / Universal Uclick /.)

“I started training [Thursday] evening, working the speed bag, drinking six raw eggs and reading four chapters of ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ “ continues McCoy, who was also won NCS awards for his strip “The Duplex” and for his magazine gag cartoons.

“I'm not [even] sure how much back and forth there will be,” Bors, a 2012 Herblock Prize winner and Pulitzer finalist, tells Comic Riffs.


(MATT BORS / Universal Uclick /.)

@GoComics has hosted regular Friday tweet sessions for the past several months.

“We’ve had great success engaging our fans and followers,” says Gene Willis, Universal’s director of marketing.

“We’ll share some of their work throughout the debate,” Willis notes of Bors and McCoy, “take questions from our followers and also have a few pre-set questions that are about political topics ... [and] also the industry.”


. (MATT BORS / Universal Uclick /.)


. (GLENN McCOY / Universal Uclick /.)

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