THERE’S A NEW OFFERING for Washington Post print readers: Soon, with your breakfast funnies, you can order up the Danish.

Namely, a cartoon-and-comedy duo from Denmark, Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler, and their new-to-America strip, “Wumo.”

Beginning Monday, “Wumo” — a loosely rendered, single-panel gag strip — will begin appearing on The Post’s funnypages.

“Universal Uclick made a strong case for its new strip,” Post comics producer Donna Peremes tells us of “Wumo,” which the syndicate says has a client list of nearly 200 newspapers.

(The comic will inherit the daily space vacated at week’s end by “Get Fuzzy.” Darby Conley’s strip centering on Rob Wilco and his talking pets “dropped in our polls from 2012 to 2013,” says Peremes, noting that the feature often published reruns.)

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“Wumo” first gained regular notice as a webcomic, and launched a decade ago this month as a daily print strip in the Copenhagen-based newspaper Politiken. The strip gradually gained clients in much of Europe; Nov. 4 marks its launch throughout the United States.


DISTURBIA: A sample of the comic “Wumo,” which hits American shores and lawns next Monday. (Mikael Wulff & Anders Morgenthaler/ )

“We feel that ‘Wumo’ coming to the U.S. is something that both we and the United States have needed!” Wulff and Morgenthaler tell Comic Riffs jointly via e-mail. “All of our main comedy inspirations are American, so it´s something extremely special for us to be able to show our creative work here.”

The cartoonists also created the irreverent animated Danish sitcom “The Pandas.” Wulff is a standup comedian with screen credits; Morgenthaler is also a filmmaker who directed the award-winning animated film “Princess.”

TURN-ON: A HEART LIGHT? “Wumo” moonlights as a pickup artist (who apparently has a real sweet ride). (Mikael Wulff & Anders Morgenthaler./

The creators — both of whom are artists — say that cracking the U.S. market was part of their mission all along.

“We’ve done the strip in Europe for 10 years now,” Wulff and Morgenthaler say, “and the goal from the beginning was to get it to America. Now that it’s happening, it’s very much a time of joy and excitement on our part.”

(And yes, since many of you will have wondered: “Wumo” is indeed a portmanteau for the creators’ surnames. They also used that title for a somewhat-related Danish TV show.)

SEIZE THE DAILY STRIP: “Wumo” can pivot from the physical to the philosophical. (Mikael Wulff & Anders Morgenthaler/

As for Washington itself as their latest market for new readers, the cartoonists say: “Neither of us have actually been to D.C., so we can’t really speak with any kind of authority about the city. ...

“But its symbolic position in the world is iconic and we, like everybody else, follow the sometimes bewildering, but always fascinating and immensely important epic that is U.S. politics.”

Welcome to America, gents. Now, Post readers will be the ones to decide whether their humor travels.

FUN WITH PRIMATES: “Wumo” revels in a monkey-see, monkey-spew chatterfest. (Complete with a comedic second banana.) (Mikael Wulff & Anders Morgenthaler/courtesy of