Jef Mallett draws “Frazz” at his Michigan home. (Jeffrey Sauger/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Come Monday, the Style section’s back page will trade one puzzle for another.

Many readers have told The Post — including Comic Riffs — that they wanted Jef Mallett’s comic strip, “Frazz,” to run seven days a week, rather than several days a week on the KidsPost page; running a continuity strip intermittently was puzzling. Now, “Frazz” will return to the daily comics pages, where it can run weeklong in Style.

Beginning Oct. 10, The Post’s popular crossword puzzle is on the move, too, migrating from the comics pages to Style’s back page, where it will run substantially larger — making it a quicker find and easier to read, The Post says.

Two other comic strips will find new homes in Style, too: Garry Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” and Richard Thompson’s “Cul de Sac” will now be run on the comics pages instead of Style’s Page-2.

“We’ve made more sense of the layout,” Style Editor Frances Stead Sellers tells Comic Riffs. “All the comics are now in one place, where readers can find them easily. And we’ve heeded the appeals of the ‘Frazz’ fans, who will now be getting the strip seven days a week.”

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("DOONESBURY" / Garry Trudeau)