OF PASSION AND PERSEVERANCE: Politico’s Matt Wuerker won the editorial cartooning Pulitzer Prize on Monday. (art by M. CAVNA)

TODAY, Comic Riffs unveils a new feature in which we’ll occasionally spotlight topical and telling interview quotes. And to kick it off, I’ll first feature political cartoonist Matt Wuerker, who spoke to Comic Riffs from his Politico newsroom on Monday, mere minutes after his Pulitzer win was announced.

What’s perhaps most striking about Wuerker’s career — beyond his obvious talent — is the passion of his perseverance. Wuerker, 55, has dedicated more than three decades to his craft. Only since gaining a permanent perch in 2007 as a founding staffer at Politico, however, has he received such well-earned industry awards as the Herblock Prize, the Berryman Award and three trips to the Pulitzer’s paddock for finalists.

So when Wuerker told The Post that “until a few years ago, I didn’t think anything like this was vaguely possible,” his words didn’t ring of false modesty, but rather of genuine humility and deep appreciation.

Congratulations, Mr. Wuerker. And watch this space for the next quoted newsmaker.

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