(iPad illustration by MICHAEL CAVNA — After “Where the Wild Things Are” by MAURICE SENDAK/The Washington Post)

WHEN THE WORLDS of literature and illustration lost a legend on Tuesday, fans were compelled to re-read the books and quotes of Maurice Sendak — perhaps the most trailblazing children’s author of the past century.

As news of his death broke, Comic Riffs immediately reprinted our tribute to Mr. Sendak from 2009. But in poring over his curmudgeonly wit and humane wisdom, I was struck by how much personal loss Sendak had spoken of in recent years — including his beloved brother and longtime partner. And that led me to one Sendak quote to incorporate into an illustration:

“I cry a lot because I miss people. They die and I can’t stop them. They leave and I love them more.”

Thanks for the passionate work you leave behind, Mr. Sendak. Your creative rumpus dances eternal.