March cartoon for Tom Toles's Reader Caption Contest. (Tom Toles/The Washington Post)

Ah, March, the month of hope. The glimmer of hope for Cinderella teams bidding for the Final Four. The optimistic peek of cherry blossoms budding to at long last herald spring. And certainly not least, the rising hope among readers that their inspired entries might win the Tom Toles Caption Contest .

Today brings March’s edition of the Toles competition. Readers can click over to the TOLES BLOG to enter their caption in the Comments field. The Post political cartoonist will pick the best reader caption for his Uncle Sam sketch [above].

Readers have until 1:59 p.m. ET on March 28 to submit their entries for the fiscal-fitness illustration.

Good luck, good thinking — and don’t worry: Because Dr. Toles promises to be gentle, feel free to vent your spleen, if not Uncle Sam’s.