Chock-a-block with anthropomorphized animals, today’s “Doodle” is perhaps Google’s busiest tribute logo yet.

Google’s home page features Richard Scarry’s characters, in a bustling scene right out of his “Busytown,” to mark what would have been the children’s author’s 92nd birthday.

The Boston-born writer-illustrator — whose more than 250 books have charmed generations and sold more than 100-million copies ’round the globe — died in 1994 just shy of his 75th birthday.

The Google Doodle scene spotlights such Busytown critters as the pedaling Huckle Cat and the cheery Lowly Worm. (Our only personal wish: That Google could create a “pop-up” effect; then our immersive return to early childhood would have been absolute and total.)

Scarry’s first book, “Two Little Miners” (1949), was published in the Little Golden Books series; decades later, he would make a key move to Random House. His breakthrough book commercially was 1963’s “Best Word Book Ever,” which labeled roughly 1,400 pictures.

Scarry once wrote: “It’s a precious thing to be communicating to children, helping them discover the gift of language and thought.”

For fellow fans weaned on Scarry’s visuals, it might well be the Best Birthday Present Ever.

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