GARRY TRUDEAU doesn’t think news outlets spent enough time covering Mitt Romney’s prep-school past in the wake of The Post’s article last week about the presidential candidate’s adolescent “pranks.”

“The media dropped the story too quickly,” Trudeau tells Comic Riffs.

So in his Pulitzer-winning comic “Doonesbury,” Trudeau himself has decided to pick the story back up again. Next week’s strips will satirize Romney’s current recollections of his teen years — specifically his part in pinning down a schoolmate and cutting the boy’s hair.

The article, by Style’s Jason Horowitz, was “excellently sourced and with the ring of truth. I say that as a prep-school survivor,” Trudeau tells Comic Riffs. “The contrition of the witnesses was particularly moving — especially contrasted with Romney’s laughable claims of amnesia, which speak volumes about his character.”


A panel from next week’s “Doonesbury.” (GARRY TRUDEAU / Used with permission of Universal Uclick 2012 /.)

Earlier this year, scores of newspapersu chose not to run “Doonesbury” on their comics pages when the strip satirized the actions of some politicians over vaginal ultrasound laws.

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