Last month, during an interview in his Beverly Hills office, Stan Lee told Comic Riffs that he was excited to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the animated-show/comics project called “The Governator.”

Enthused Lee: “He’ll be a superhero, but we’ll also get into his private life.”

With this week’s revelation that Schwarzenegger fathered a “love child” with a longtime household staffer, though, depicting the former guv’s private life just got a whole lot dicier. So will the show go on?

Absolutely. At least according to one honcho with the production.

Andy Heyward, chief exec at A2 Entertainment, tells the Hollywood Reporter that the planned series — set to feature the voice of Schwarzenegger — will see no changes.

“A2’s Governator animated series and its lore is fictional and stands on its merits,” Heyward tells THR. “Of course we wish the family the best in this challenging time.”

The trade publication reports that A2, Archie Comics and Lee’s POW! Entertainment have “already sold into several foreign territories” as they seek an American network.

Last month’s news release to announce the project, however, suddenly takes on a whole different — and unfortunate — patina. It read, in part:

The Governator “creates a secret identity beneath his home — so secret that even his wife and kids are unaware. …a superhero living a double life, who’s also a devoted family man.”

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