“Saturday Night Live” has officially turned “Spider-Man” director Julie Taymor’s ouster from the director’s chair into a firing.

Kristen Wiig did her cutting impression of the Tony-winning director/designer last night, just days after “Turn Off the Dark” producers announced their new creative team and said that Taymor would cede her “24/7” duties with the most expensive show in Broadway history ($65-mill and counting. Rapidly)..

On Saturday, the New York Post reported that the show’s producers were trying to oust Taymor from “Spider-Man” entirely and that if she leaves the production, she may demand a “hefty payday” and take her script with her.

The “Weekend Update” send-up also depicts Taymor as equal parts arrogant and incompetent, mercilessly allowing her only the scantest knowledge of her comic-book source material. (”Peter Jessica Parker,” indeed.) It’s worth noting that “Update” anchor Seth Meyers is a card-carrying fanboy who -- with castmate Bill Hader -- has written a Spider-Man comic book.

Also worth noting: Taymor’s “Lion King” co-talent Elton John is scheduled to host “SNL” on April 2. Cue Wiig’s “Can You Feel the Webs Tonight?”