Stan Lee last month attending the Sundance Film Festival, where he talked entertainment while on a panel with KISS’s Gene Simmons. (Andrew H. Walker/GETTY IMAGES)

STAN LEE, comics' rock-star octogenarian, has just launched his new bells-and-whistles-and-webs "interactive" website, In advance of his live digital public interview tonight at 7 ET, the Marvel mastermind (yes, with Kirby and Ditko et al.) answered a few of our questions about the site, a features-and-forums destination that adds to his multimedia presence (Lee has not only his busy Twitterfeed, but also has a YouTube-channel deal that has him workiing with a whole different Eisner: ol' Disney honcho Michael Eisner).

MICHAEL CAVNA: So Stan, what was the seed of inspiration behind the new TheRealStanLee website — how and why did this come together now?

STAN LEE: I woke up one morning and suddenly realized that other people have great-looking sites while mine was just a patched-up, hastily put-together  mishmash.  So I took the bull by the horns and, through the almost limitless power of POW! [Entertainment], we redesigned my site so that it's every bit as cool as any other — and, we suspect, even a lot more so!

MC: What are some of the elements and features of the new site that you're most excited about? 

SL: The main thing is, I'll have a chance to communicate directly with the heroic horde of fandom and to have them join in with all sorts of contests, games, wacky surprises and exciting show biz announcements that'll make TheRealStanLee THE site for everything to do with Stan Lee-type entertainment!

MC: This can be such a tremendous resource for aspiring artists and comics writers — in what ways will you reach out to them?

SL: Actually, I'm not limiting it to people involved in comics, although they will of course be a large part of our faithful constituency.  TheRealStanLee is for anyone and everyone who loves humor, excitement, surprises, fantasy and fun. Come to think of it, I guess that covers just about everybody in the world — and that's just the way I want it!

MC: Please finish this sentence, if you would: “The RealStanLee website will be a big success in my opinion IF ... “

SL: I, and the great staff of my company, “Pow! Entertainment,” never forget that our sole purpose is to give True Believers everywhere a chance to join our ever-growing Brigade as we march to glory and goofiness under the fun-loving banner of our beloved Generalissimo!