HE IS “the global goodwill ambassador for comics.” He is “one of the most influential writers in the history of the field.” He is a “combination of creative genius, promotional savvy and a work ethic that won’t quit.”

And come Saturday, Stan Lee — who is “still a big kid” — is 91.

Last year, Stanley Lieber — the legendary Marvel editor and writer who has been in comics since teendom — told Comic Riffs about being a nonagenarian:

“One bit of philosophy I made up some time ago — [it’s] a bit of a paradox: Everyone wants to live to a ripe old age — but no one wants to be old!”

Today, we celebrate the seemingly tireless ambassador with this new animated interview clip.

“Excelsior,” Stan Lee, and happy birthday:

(CREDIT: Storyboard adviser: Sohail Al-Jamea)