(image courtesy of Bluewater Comics)

First came the sizzle, now comes the steak. And given the author, make that steak blood-red.

Earlier this week, Bluewater Comics announced that -- timed to the current trendy heat around Charlie Sheen -- the publisher would release a bio-comic about the longtime "Two and a Half Men" actor. Today, however, comes the comics subject and talent with true substance: Bluewater says it will work with Stephen King on a bio-comic about the best-selling horror writer's "incomparable" career.

"Orbit: Stephen King," scheduled for release in May, will trace the writer's career from rejections and anonymity to global fame. "It includes insight on his legacy as a writer, his love of the Boston Red Sox, forays into film, drug and alcohol issues, and the accident [in 1999] that nearly cost him his life," Bluewater says in a release.

The man behind such works as "Misery," "Carrie, "Cujo" and "Shawshank Redemption" is sharing stories about key childhood moments and painful adulthood crucibles.

"One story we confirmed concerned a young King witnessing a friend's accident involving a train [long thought to be a source of his macabre inspirations]," says co-author Michael Lent in the release. "Until now, the story was largely apocryphal and wasn't mentioned in King's autobiography."

"What really enlightened us were the similarities we found between Stephen King and Keith Richards ... ," says co-author Brian McCarthy. "Both came from dirt-poor families.  Both had talents that were shepherded by strong, supportive mothers. Both had absent fathers.  Each practiced doggedly every day -- their talents weren't hobbies, but their salvation.  It brought them fame and fortune, it sustained them during their darkest hours of drug addiction and it, literally, gave them both a road to recovery when their lives were nearly cut short in tragic accidents."

(Richards's memoir "Life" was released last year to critical bouquets and sales chart-topping success.)

King, 63, has won a raft of honors for his work -- including Bram Stoker and World Fantasy awards, and the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters from the National Book Foundation. His work in comics has included DC's "American Vampire" title with creator Scott Snyder. The Maine resident has also just announced a new novel in his Dark Tower series.

Bluewater is launching its "Orbit" line of bio-comics in an attempt to draw more male readers.