IT WAS JUST A WEEK AGO that the Chicago Tribune pulled a “Doonesbury” strip, on the grounds that the comic “broke from its satirical mission” so it could ”deliver a direct fundraising appeal for a specific charity” —

A note that ran in the newspaper explained: “The Tribune’s editorial practices do not allow individuals to promote their self-interests.”

On Monday, Pulitzer-winning “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau told Comic Riffs that “curiously, the Trib had no problem with the previous day’s strip directing readers to my website — which actually was in my self-interest.”

By Thursday, the excellent Pab Sungenis was spoofing the whole matter in his webcomic “New Adventures of Queen Victoria” (which, like “Doonesbury,” is syndicated by Universal Uclick.

And Sungenis gets bonus points for — true to the center of the satire — making sure his QR takes the reader back to his own strip. Which, as one commenter notes, lures the reader into “an infinite loop.”

For that, “Queen Vic” gets this week’s Riffy Award:

CLICK here to see enlarged version (PAB SUNGENIS / Universal Uclick/”NEW ADVENTURES OF QUEEN VICTORIA”)