Another popular comics project has hit its Kickstarter target with weeks to spare.

The documentary “Stripped” reached its fundraising goal of $58,000 on Monday — just six days after the film’s financial campaign was announced. Like the “Womanthology” book project that launched last month, “Stripped” hit a sweet spot of high interest, open checkbooks and much goodwill in the comics community.

“It kinda blew our minds,” filmmaker and webcartoonist Dave Kellett (“Sheldon” and “Drive,”) tells Comic Riffs on Monday. “To be quietly working on the film for two years, and then have a week like this one, it’s just been amazing. That’s just an insane outpouring of support from folks, and we’re so humbled and amazed by it.”

Kellett and Sundance-veteran cinematographer Frederick Schroeder(“Four Sheets to the Wind”) say they have interviewed more than 60 cartoonists for “Stripped,” which the filmmakers emphasize will focus on the state of the comic strip amid an industry experiencing profound change. They call their film a “love-letter to the art form.”

“The line we have in the trailer, ‘Everybody Loves Comics,’ has never been so self-evidently true,” Kellett tells ‘Riffs. “Even beyond donations, people have been coming out of the woodwork with volunteerism, kind words and leads for the film.”

With three weeks left in the Kickstarter fundraising window, Kellett says that “even a modest increase over our goal will help us make a far, far better film.”

Among the improvements the L.A.-based filmmakers hope to make is closed-captioning, which Kellett says would cost about $2,500.

Additional donations, he says, could go toward increasing the quality of animation footage within the film; improving the sound mastering; buoying the travel budget for interviews; and, most expensively, making all 230 hours of interview footage available via iTunes.

“People clearly want to see this film,” Kellett enthuses, “and want it to be really good.”

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