Joao Montanaro is just 14, but he recently joined Folha, Brazil's largest newspaper, as its latest political cartoonist. (Juan Forero)

As a former teen political cartoonist at a newspaper myself, I can’t help but appreciate what compels Joao Montanaro to skewer the powerful at the ripe age of 14. Montanaro may be a spindly adolescent, but he wields enough editorial muscle with his pen and his perch to merit notice.

Montanaro — who signs his work simply “Joao M.” — is a fresh-faced ninth-grader who has freshly joined the “stable of irreverent cartoonists” at Folha de Sao Paulo, the 90-year-old broadsheet that is Brazil’s biggest daily newspaper, reports my Post colleague Juan Forero from Brazil.

(Juan Forero)

The teen cartoonist tells Forero: “I make comics, cartoons, comics strip, too, and I like political cartoons. You can joke about somebody bigger than you, and I like this.”

I don’t know a political cartoonist in the world who can’t relate to that sentiment.

I encourage you to read Forero’s entire article right here — and to check out the gallery of Joao M.’s work right here.