NICK’S FURY: Samuel L. Jackson — Nick Fury in “Marvel's the Avengers" — has taken aim in a Twitter flame war with New York Times critic A.O. Scott, who called the film disspiriting and demanding of our obedience. (Zade Rosenthal/AP)

TODAY, AFTER a months-long ad blitzkrieg, “The Avengers” has officially opened its North American march toward box-office domination.

Let the records fall where they may.

As part of this all-”Avengers” weekend, Post readers can join our live-chat today at noon ET with top Marvel editors Axel Alonso and Tom Brevoort.

Meantime, Comic Riffs offers Five “Avengers” Predictions for this weekend:


1. “AVENGERS” will topple Potter:

Joss Whedon’s mega-tentpole should become the first film to gross more than $170-million domestically in its opening weekend — besting the Hogwarts mark.

As BoxOfficeMojo breaks it down: “If ‘The Avengers’’ can simply match ‘Spider-Man 3’s’ attendance levels, it will top ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’s’ current record of $169.2 million thanks to ticket price inflation and 3D premiums. Since it was accounting for an incredible 94 percent of ticket sales on Fandango as of Wednesday morning, this record definitely seems to be within reach.”


2. “Avengers” will top a half-billion bucks globally by Monday:

Just how big is the “Avengers” worldwide box office? Well, the Hollywood Reporter now writes that “at this pace, ‘Avengers' ‘ foreign gross likely will grow to $350 million to $400 million by Sunday, boosted by its debut in Russia and China this weekend.”

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3. Whole new swaths of the populace will appreciate humorous Hulk twitterfeeds:

Mark Ruffalo’s wry Hulk will make viewers appreciate the potential of his exposed, torn-shirt funny bone. And amid the feminist Hulk account and the various spiritual Hulk feeds, we predict it will be the Drunk Hulk account that benefits most.

4. The Jack Kirby Boycott Brigade will buckle some under the “Avengers’ “ gravitational fan-pull:

We can’t know, of course, whether Slate contributor James Sturm — the comics creator/curator who also gives great convention panel — will succumb to the film’s large-screen allure. But many of those who believe the legendary “King” Kirby was hornswaggled and boondoggled by Marvel decades ago over royalties and rights will still, in the end, turn out for “The Avengers.” We only hope the Hero Initiative donation campaign can help assuage their guilt.

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5. NICK’S FURY: Let the mashups begin:

Thursday’s quick-burst flame war between “The Avengers’ “ Samuel L. Jackson — who took to Twitter to decry New York Times critic A.O. Scott’s somewhat-negative review — and Scott’s social-media defenders was a thing of intriguing beauty and vigor. Now we can only hope — and predict — that clever amateur video editors will splice classic Jackson film footage (“Pulp Fiction,” anyone?) to make this Meme-Waiting-to-Happen a reality.