“The Dark Knight Rises” may be on the horizon, but Disney/Marvel’s “The Avengers” can now look at “The Dark Knight” in the rear-view mirror.

“The Avengers” grossed $20.3-million this weekend to lift its total domestic take to $552.7-million — rocketing it past Warner Bros./DC’s ”The Dark Knight” ($533.3-million) for third all-time in the record books. The Marvel-superheroes-assembled blockbuster is now the most successful superhero film ever.

James Cameron’s twin titans “Avatar” ($760.5-million) and “Titanic” ($658.5-million) still hold down the top two domestic slots.

Grossing an additional $12.4-million globally, “The Avengers” also vaulted to the third spot all-time overseas with $1.36-billion — past the final “Harry Potter” ($1.33-billion) but far, far back of those same two box-office behemoths “Avatar” ($2.8-billion) and “Titanic” ($2.2-billion). (Figures not adjusted for inflation.)

DC will soon set its sights on “The Avengers,” though — the much-anticipated release of “The Dark Knight Rises” looms for July.

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Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr., left) and Captain America (Chris Evans) stand victorious over “The Dark Knight’s” domestic box-office receipts. (DISNEY/MARVEL/via AP)

Universal Pictures’ “Snow White & the Huntsman” won the North American weekend with a surprisingly strong $56.3-million debut, according to studio estimates released Sunday — far outpacing expectations, since the princess-with-a-punch film wasn’t expected to gross more than $40-million. (What most surprised the studio: The boys showed up in almost equal numbers.)

And fun fact: The Brothers Hemsworth have dominated the box office since March, thanks to former box-office champs “The Avengers” (Chris Hemsworth is Thor), “The Hunger Games” (co-starring Liam Hemsworth as Gale) and now ”Snow White” (Chris again).

Final domestic numbers are expected Monday.

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