Yesterday morning, of course, Comic Riffs spotlighted the just-landed official trailer for Marvel’s “The Avengers.” Since then, though, we’ve had time to take a much closer look.

Sure, there are the more obvious plot-point questions, such as: Is that a quinjet we see before us? Is Thor really battling Cap — or a shapeshifting, star-spangled Skrull? And how much coyer can Marvel get with its mere glimpses of Bruce Banner, as the trailer builds to its big green reveal?

But then there are less consequential details that seem embedded more to entertain the artists or the marketers — or the intensely scene-dissecting fan, haHA — than your typical theatergoer. Here, for instance, are 5 Fun Things You May Have Missed:

1. Iron Man favors his Black Sabbath shirt (at the 0:51 mark):

When Tony Stark sports his casual Sabbath wear, Comic Riffs suddenly hears the lyrics from Black Sabbath’s song “Iron Man”:

“Nobody wants him / He just stares at the world

Planning his vengeance / that he will soon unfurl.”

2. Oh, yeah — Marvel is owned by Disney (at the 0:11 mark):

As New York’s finest draw their firearms, there — tucked subtly beneath the scaffolding — is a poster for Disney’s “The Lion King” theatrical musical. (“It’s the cirrr-cle — the circle of corporate ownership.”)

3. But marketing must be international (same frame): In the identical Loki-attacks shot, we get serious billboardage for the sportswear line AussieBums. Except for Australia’s own Chris Hemsworth as Thor, this must be the film’s biggest Down Under product-placement.

4. If Loki can make it there, he can make it anywhere (at the 0:10 mark):

As so often in superhero comics, it’s up to you, New York, New York, to save the world from the baddies — including evil Asgardian brethren. And in case the viewers had any doubt in what metropolis all this taxi-shattering detonation is set, we get another “sign”: Grand Central Station!

5. Nick calling NASA...Nick calling NASA (at the 0:27 mark): O Marvel, if there’s something else to glean, please just give us a sign. Oh, here we go: According to the officious signage, the Avengers’ mission is intertwined with JDEM — or the Joint Dark Energy Mission. Dark energy, according to NASA, represents the 95-plus-percent of the universe that remains an unseeable mystery.

Which, we presume, includes the bifrost bridge.