Warner Bros. dropped the teaser poster for Christopher Nolan’s newest Batman film today, and the echoes of “Inception” register as more than a little intentional, lest the viewer forget Nolan’s most recent summer blockbuster.

And if anything, “Inception” actors Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Caine should feel right at home — all three Nolan veterans will appear in “Dark Knight Rises,” too.

Kudos to the studio, meanwhile, for the Magic Eye effect. (Which do you see first: The buildings or the blue-sky Bat Signal?)

The poster also gives us cause to pause and reflect on some dynamic Batman covers that might provide inspiration, including: “Shellgame” (No. 573), “The Visitor” (No. 566), “All They Do Is Watch Us Kill” (No. 648) and, especially, “Ten Nights of the Beast” (No. 417).