DC Comics has just announced on its Source blog that come August, it’ll launch a “historic renumbering” of DC Universe titles.

This afternoon’s news confirmed the numbers game that had been bandied about and debated in comics circles for weeks: Should DC flip the odometer and go back to No.1?

The 52 “first issues” will include the release of “Justice League” by DC talents/honchos Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, as major characters are retooled and “humanized.”

Today also brings the major news of “same day-and-date” digital delivery.

“The publication of ‘Justice League’ Issue 1 will launch day-and-date digital publishing for all these ongoing titles,” DC Comics announced, “making DC Comics the first of the two major American publishers to release all of its superhero comic book titles digitally the same day as in print.”

To underscore its focus on the renumbering, DC says it’ll publish just two books Aug. 31: the last “Flashpoint” issue in the miniseries — and the ”first issue” of “Justice League.”

Then September will bring the flood of first issues.

Jim Lee tweeted the news to his followers. In reaction to the announcement, Marvel’s Tom Brevoort tweeted: “You know what this means? There's no point buying any DC Comics until September, since none of them will ‘count’ anymore.”