Princess Merida of Pixar’s “Brave.” ("BRAVE" Disney/Pixar)

ONE OF THEM IS a fiery and courageous teen girl with long locks, an iron will and superior talent with a bow-and-arrow.

The other is the lead character in “The Hunger Games.”

In the upcoming “Brave” — the first Pixar film to star a female in the lead role — the rebellious Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) is a “skilled archer” and “headstrong daughter” who must “harness all of her skills and resources” as she faces “chaos and fury in the kingdom.” (So says Disney of ”Brave,” due out June 22.)

And this way also comes Gary Ross’s “The Hunger Games,” the publishing smash turned mostly critically acclaimed film ”finally” arriving this weekend. The Lionsgate film stars the Oscar-nommed Jennifer Lawrence (“X-Men: First Class” and “Winter’s Bone”) as Katniss Everdeen, the “resourceful” and “strong-willed” teen-girl tribute who must use her skills as an archer as she survives, and then rebels against the government.

(Plus: Merida is expected to enter the “Disney Princess” pantheon; and Post film critic Ann Hornaday says Katniss, while possessing a warrior’s spirit, also has “the girlier wish-fulfillment fantasies of a bemused Cinderella.”)

And both films, of course, are expected to reap big money for their respective studios.

But surely you — the true movie-going viewer — have had your interest piqued by one more than the other, even if only a little? So on the eve of the “Hunger Games” opening, Comic Riffs asks: Which of these two teen archers — in their vastly different films — will you be more inclined to see?

Let the reaping of your vote begin:

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Jennifer Lawrence in "Hunger Games." (LIONSGATE / AP)