TIME waits for no one — especially, apparently, if you’re an editorial cartoonist.

As their traditional showcases melt like Arctic ice, the nation’s visual commentators have one less mainstream floe to go to. Time magazine is discontinuing its popular Cartoons of the Week online feature, several sources tell Comic Riffs.

The most recent COTW published on Time’s site was for mid-June.

Virginia-based artist Joe Sutliff is among the contributors who tells Comic Riffs that he has received an email from Time.com, notifying him that Cartoons of the Week is no more.

Industry sources tell Comic Riffs that Time.com is undergoing a redesign of its site, and that cuts and other changes are being made accordingly.

In March, former Daily Beast editor Edward Felsenthal was announced as the new managing editor of Time.com.

Cartoons of the Week is just the latest such forum to disappear; last October, Newsweek announced that it was ending its once-popular Perspectives page.

Beyond their own social media, many political cartoonists have relied on such roundup platforms for wider exposure, as well as small but welcome paydays.

We can only hope that some enterprising site — realizing that better editorial cartoons are not only good journalism, but also prime click-bait — sees the wisdom in filling the void.

RIP, COTW. You are survived by many fans.


(Cartoon by JOE SUTLIFF 2013 / Used with permission./. )