The FAA. Dozing air traffic controllers. China’s labor practices. Even the striking workers once fired by Reagan.

The artists at Taiwan-based Next Media Animation train their sights on all those satirical targets in their new video posted today.

The animation comes fresh off the news that a Boeing 737 carrying Michelle Obama and Jill Biden came two miles closer to another aircraft than the FAA allows as both planes tried to land at Andrews Air Force Base.

On Wednesday, the FAA reportedly issued new rules regarding the air-traffic control of planes carrying Vice President Biden and the first lady.

Comic Riffs continues to wonder, though: Why aren’t we seeing more true satire on this issue than we have from the domestic cartoonists? Yes, commentators have had an embarrassment of hot-button topics lately, from Libya to the BP spill anniversary to will-they-or-won’t-they? presidential candidates to — yes — even the run-up to the royal wedding.

We can only hope, however, that more cartoonists take a day to follow Next Media’s latest lead.