If you’ve ever played Draw Something, then you probably already know that not every drawing is a work of art. If you think you’re alone in creating stick figure Justin Biebers and cows that look like balloon animals, then think again.

I caught up with Draw Something creator Dan Porter - former OMGPop CEO and now Zynga’s Vice President of mobile and general manager for its New York office - about the popular game that ignites gamers’ inner Picasso. Keep reading for his confession of how his own artistic skills may be lacking, and more.

Haley Crum: What’s the history behind the app?

Dan Porter: The game started out in 2008 as a web game with up to eight players, moved to Facebook and was released in a mobile version in February.

HC: Why do you think this app became so popular?

DP: It is simple and hilarious to play, and really connects people. The game is really fun when you know the people with whom you are playing. What makes it unique is that it’s cooperative.

HC: How were the drawing topics chosen?

DP: We feature a combination of words: some that are fun to draw (tested with our in house art crew), some that are especially current, and some that are designed to make you laugh.

HC: How many hours would you say you’ve played this game yourself? Ballpark figure.

DP: Well... before the game was public, I spent a few months playing it for an hour or two a day as we refined the game. The first week it was released played several hours a day, as did our whole team, in order to make sure everything was just right. At one point I had 45 active matches.

HC: You’re playing Draw Something. You can either draw, A: Hotdog, B: Madcow, or C: Beyonce. Which do you choose to draw and why?

DP: A hot dog, because I would draw a dog that was really sweaty, with its tongue hanging out and the sun beating down on it.

HC: Can you draw in real life?

DP: I definitely cannot draw. I can only doodle - especially when I am sitting in a long meeting.

HC: What are the best and/or worst drawings you’ve ever seen come from the app? Better yet, can we see any of your own?

DP: I always think other people’s drawings are more interesting then mine. :)

HC: Where do you see the future of the game?

DP: I want the game to be something people do for a long time to relax, have fun and connect with their friends and family. We work to keep making the game social. It’s all about the connections between people!

Don’t forget: Take a screenshot of your Draw Something “rejects” - the worst and funniest drawings you send and receive - and share them in our gallery. To take a screen shot with an iPhone or an iPad, just press the power button and the home button at the same time. Don’t forget to tell us what the drawing is supposed to be in the caption area.