HORSE_eCOMICS was Burton Durand’s brainchild — a clever webcomic that mined humor from the text burps of a Twitter account’s would-be spam. There was poetry to be found in the apparent randomness of algorithmic prose fragments.

But now that the popular account, Horse_eBooks, has been unmasked this week instead as a multi-year performance-art project with a human or two at the reins — a non-spambot that will now put be out to pasture — what’s Durand to do?

Burton Durand of horse_eComics. (courtesy of Burt Durand)

How’s he feel now that the comedic gift Horse is gone?

“It’s like someone just told my comics that they were adopted,” Durand told Comic Riffs on Wednesday.

Durand, a Louisiana-based art director, has drawn Horse_eComics for nearly two years, creating more than 300 strips and amassing more than 8,000 followers on Tumblr.

So can his strip motor on without its comedic engine?

“I don’t think I could” continue, Durand tells ‘Riffs just hours after the revelation. “Even if Horse wasn’t being put out to Twitter pasture, learning that a spambot wasn’t actually behind the tweeting probably ruined it for a lot of people.”

And earlier today, Durand posted on his Tumblr account:

“ ‘Horse ebooks’

What better final tweet than this one, right? And with this, @Horse_ebooks rides off into the sunset.”

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A strip from Horse_eComics. (Burton Durand )