One month ago today, Comic Riffs wrote that Renae de Liz had launched a “Womanthology” Kickstarter project with the aim to raise $25,000 by Aug. 7.

De Liz has just announced that Womanthology raised...more than four times that much. That makes it one of the most successful Kickstarter projects — and the site’s No.-1 ”comics project” ever, according to de Liz and her husband, Ray Dillon. (Womanthology topped the “Least I Could Do” animation project, which raised $105,141.)

“I have some serious butterflies in my stomach,” de Liz posted on Facebook as the final minutes counted down Sunday night.

The Massive All-Female Comic Anthology raised $109,301 on donations from 2001 backers — including artistic contributions from Neil Gaiman, Jim Lee and Kevin Smith.

The Womanthology collective — featuring the work of more than “140 female comics creators” — seeks to “showcase the work of women in comics” through the large-scale anthology that IDW has agreed to publish.

“The people helping us are helping over 100 women realize dreams and also helping charity at the same time,” De Liz told Comic Riffs last month, noting that all profits from the project will go to various causes at .

“My mission for doing this was mostly to have fun creating something together as women,” De Liz told us, “and to try and help give them a platform to show off what they can do.”

And contributing editor Bonnie Burton told us: “Young girls need to know that anything is possible, and that they have plenty of female comic book creators to look up to as mentors,”